About Us

We are Scott and Tami Kee, engaged, concerned parents of Tumwater Students.

We are Scott Kee and Tami Kee.  We have 4 daughters, ages 11-20, each of whom have attended, or are attending, Tumwater Schools.   We are active in the community, engaged with the schools and spend a significant amount of our free time educating ourselves on topics that impact the 6000 or so students attending Tumwater Schools.  We attend Board meetings on a regular basis, engage with TSD administrators, teachers and staff.  We also regularly volunteer in the schools and have done a number of public records requests seeking relevant information.

Purpose of our blog

Our hope is that this blog will provide a forum for discussion, generate ideas, recognize areas that need attention and help us all work to continue down a path that makes Tumwater a great place to raise a family. 

Our goal is to highlight some great things that are happening at TSD, while also bringing attention to areas that might need attention.  We promise to be candid, while also being respectful of all ideas.  We often engage in discussion with many members of the community on an individual basis, and appreciate the passion exhibited by the students, parents, teachers and staff at TSD. 

We invite others to share content on this page and you should feel free to contact us if you would like to submit an article. 

“We want to help build an informed community of parents and citizens to best influence the Tumwater School District to continue to make Tumwater a great place to raise a family.”