Are you interested in helping sports return to schools?

For those interested in trying to get sports opened back up.  Here is some information shared with some families in the TSD area. Here are some sample letters if you are interested in seeing those.

Below is information from the West Coast Coaches Alliance which is a group combining California, Oregon, and Washington coaches, activity directors, sports facilities, and many more. The goal is to get the states to look at ways to open all of this backup. Letters are provided as well as email addresses provided in the letters. We are asking anyone who supports this action to take a look at this information and support it in any way you feel comfortable. I know there is a lot of material included in this email but we feel the outcomes are worth looking at the material. 

Link to WCCA PowerPoint w/ data: West Coast Coaches Alliance (Washington Chapter )

WIAA Link for New Season Timeline:…/2PACX…/pubhtml

Links embedded in photo below:

Please feel free to communicate to other people you feel would be willing to support this cause.